Violent Start for Texas Storm Season

According to the Insurance Council of Texas, Texas had a record 240 tornadoes last year, as well as multiple hails storms, floods, and fires, and unfortunately, 2016 has continued the trend of severe weather across Texas with over $1 billion in insured losses reported from March hailstoTexas Stormsrms. Insurance companies are reporting they have already handled more wind/hail claims this year than all of last year. The Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) recommends that homeowners and auto owners review their insurance coverage to prepare for what may turn out to be a long, violent year of weather.

“The Dallas/Fort Worth area was hit by three massive hailstorms within a month,” said Mark Hanna, an ICT spokesperson. “These devastating storms were followed by what may become the costliest hailstorm on record striking San Antonio on April 12. And when you think it’s over for a while, Houston gets swamped with a 20-inch rainfall. You have to wonder what is in store for Texas for the rest of this year.”

Bill Bunting, Chief of Operations for the National Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, says it is hard to blame the state’s violent weather on any particular one particular weather feature. “The El Nino weather system which we have been experiencing since late last summer tends to bring more moisture and a stronger jet stream across the state. Its effects tend to weaken or decline during the spring,” said Bill Bunting. “However, we may see more active weather before it completely dissipates.”

Bunting said Texas almost always has its share of hailstorms. He said this year, the
storms just happen to be hitting heavily populated areas. However, Bunting concluded that Texas may be in for more bad weather. “The large scale pattern calls for more storms next week.”

ICT recommends that Texans review their homeowner and auto insurance policies to
make sure they are protected in the event their property is hit by hail, high winds or flooding. “It should be no surprise if violent weather comes knocking on your door this year,” said Hanna. “There is no better time than right now to make sure you have the right type and amount of coverage on both your car and home.”

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    Wow! Insurance carriers have already paid out more wind/hail claims this year than they did in ALL of 2015. This storm season is crazy!


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