Got Questions Related to Storm Claims? IIAT’s Roof Claims in Texas Publication Can Help

Texas has seen another year of heavy storm activity and the year is not half over.  Hail storms in North Texas, two in Wylie, and now two in San Antonio, this is undoubtedly a busy time for agents.  After a record setting 2015 storm year, with estimated insured losses of $3.2 billion, Credit Suisse is estimating 2016 losses of possibly $3.5 billion already this year.

With the onslaught of claims, this will be the time that the agent is most needed by their customers. IIAT has resources to help agents advise their customers on the claims process and what to expect along the way. IIAT’s Roof Claims in Texas is a helpful publication that can assist agents who may not have ever been through a catastrophe claims scenario.

IIAT’s technical staff answers a number of questions each year from agents who are puzzled by claims decisions made by the companies they represent. The Roof Claims in Texas publication:

  • Describes issues involved in adjusting roof claims caused by wind and hail;
  • Reviews insurance policy provisions used to make decisions regarding roof claims;
  • Discusses positions taken by insurers and results of different positions taken by insurers; and
  • Suggests ways for insurance agents to help policyholders understand the issues and decisions.

View Roof Claims in Texas.

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