Steve Harvill Shares All! Building a Dynamic Organization at IIAT’s Annual Conference

During the past 25 years, Stephen Harvill and his Creative Ventures team have helped some of the world’s most respected companies realize their true capabilities through implementing pioneering methods in organizational dynamics and strategic thinking.

Steve will be at IIAT’s 119th Annual Conference & Trade Show, June 15-17 in San Antonio, to lead  three dynamic presentations packed with fresh ideas and innovative thinking.

  • Why We Love the Movies1116206_560322754023871_1245473283_o-150x150
    Get your imagination going! This unique multimedia experience explores how movies capture our imaginations and impact us emotionally and psychologically.
  • The Once Upon a Time Project
    Discover how to leverage your story to drive sales and create a powerful culture.
  • The One-Click Armageddon
    Discover the sales opportunities hidden in the digital revolution.

Don’t miss out, come to IIAT’s 119th Annual Conference & Trade Show to see  Steve and experience a new conference experience! Register Today!

“The creation of an idea is a uniquely human process. The genesis of something new, original and impactful is what moves our todays to our tomorrows. We never seem to be at a shortage of ideas, but the key to finding value in an idea lies in its ability to create engagement and to develop traction. The success of an idea is about putting it in motion. Ideas are about movement.” – Steve Harvill

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