Got Talent? How To Attract and Train Millennials

Hiring season is upon us, and now is the time to recruit new talent if you’re considering adding more employees to your agency. Recent college graduates will be on the look-out for jobs that are exciting and rewarding – and the insurance industry offers exactly what they are seeking.

Follow these three tips to attract and train your new hires:

  1. Talk the Talk

If you’re looking to hire recent college graduates, they will likely fall into the age range of a Millennial, those born between 1982-1995. This tech-savvy generation is looking for careers that have a deeper meaning than just earning a paycheck. Be sure to tout how the new hireindustry offers the chance to give back to your local community by protecting their peers from a financial loss. Millennials also want to have control over their career and future success. If you are hiring for a producer role, they have the opportunity to realize their success by pushing to meet sales goals and gaining the financial reward. Flexibility in their schedule is another selling point when choosing a potential career. Work/life balance is key to Millennials who are seeking a rewarding career while gaining enough balance to work from anywhere
at any time.

  1. Walk the Walk

Ever heard of getting a trophy for showing up to a sporting event but not actually winning? Millennials have – and they are starting to realize that rewards are based on focus, drive, determination and hard work.  They are accustomed to being coached and praised for doing what they are asked. Be sure to incorporate formal coaching into the onboarding process.  Provide them consistent, constructive feedback so they learn and feel valued.  They will look to you and emulate the expected behavior and skills to achieve the expected results.  Aim to provide specific guidance along the way. 

  1. Interactive Training

To make the onboarding process easy for our members, we offer affordable, interactive online training modules for your new hires. From personal and commercial lines basics to business skills training, the eLearning modules range from 30-45 minutes in length and can be completed 24 hours a day/7 days a week at the users own pace.

Visit for more information or click here to watch a brief video overview of the modules.

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