Two Storms… Two Deductibles?

IIAT has fielded a number of calls recently from San Antonio and Dallas area agents. The questions concern how companies are supposed to handle repeat storms over the same area in a short number of days. While IIAT agrees there were definitely two separate storms, we concur with a recent notice from TDI where they encourage companies “evaluate these situations using a common-sense standard that is fair to consumers. You can find the entire notice here.damaged-roof

If you have companies that are handling each claim separately and are asking for two deductibles, you might remind them that most, if not all, homeowners policies say that the company owes ACV on a roof loss and full-replacement cost once the roof has been repaired or replaced. If two deductibles apply, you can make a solid argument that the company will owe ACV on the first claim and then full replacement on the second claim once the roof is replaced. This falls under the “be careful what you ask for” category. For more information on the topic, refer to IIAT’s Roof Claims Issues in Texas publication.

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