It’s a Barn, It’s a Condominium… It’s a Barndominium

fixerupper_311_001-1Barndominium is the term used to describe a non-traditional structure that is a barn which includes converted living space. Typically it’s a steel frame and sheet metal building, originally designed as a storage building or barn, that has been repurposed by the addition of living areas to previously open space.

This type of building is typically built on a multi-acre home site and the structure often acts as a dual-purpose living and shop or workspace areas. Barndominiums can present challenges for agents seeking to provide coverage for these structures for their clients. UPC Insurance could be the solution. Not only does their appetite include coverage for metal homes, but they also accept homes in PC 9 and PC 10 with up to five acres.

UPC Insurance’s New Generation Product can be the solution to many of your agency’s challenges. Features include:

  • Broadened appetite – open in all of Texas
  • Up to $1M in Coverage A
  • Ease of doing business
    • No inspections on new to five-year-old homes
    • No roof age limits – life of five years or more
    • No age of home limits – must have complete electrical and plumbing updates after 40 years
    • Liability exclusion for trampolines, diving boards, slides ATVs
    • Will accept other structures over lakes, like boathouses, decks, etc.

For more information about UPC Insurance and their New Generation Product contact  at 800.880.7428.

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