Develop a Fully-Defined Candidate Profile to Find Top Performers

The lack of a fully-defined profile of the ideal candidate is the most common cause of a bad hire. Before hiring, whether you are filling a producer, CSR or support position, it will improve your effectiveness immensely if you create a fully-defined profile of the ideal candidate.

IIAT’s Hiring Toolkit includes Best in Class Benchmark Studies for producers and service staff. The studies were conducted for IIAT by ZERORISK HR, a division of International Risk Management Institute (IRMI).  The ZERORISK HR Hiring System provides an easy-to-use, consistent and validated approach to hiring top performance as well as gaining insights on improving communication among existing employees and improving the workplace environment.

Zero Risk is one of the few assessment tools that measures emotional intelligence, which has been shown to be highly correlated with productivity, especially in relationship oriented job roles.

Features include:

  • A 15-minute online emotional Intelligence assessment
  • An overview of a prospect’s strengths and potential weaknesses
  • A synopsis of the culture and management style most suited to achievement
  • A legally-reviewed, behavioral-based interview guide e-mailed instantly to the hiring manager as well as legal and pertinent questions for insightful reference checks

IIAT members get a 10% discount off their normal pricing and one free assessment.

Learn more about how to effectively hire, develop and retain valuable employees with ZERORISK Hiring System.

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