Ask Regina

Q. We have a receptionist/bookkeeper in our office who not licensed. What other duties can she perform as an unlicensed employee?regina

A. Some employees of an insurance agency do not need to be licensed. The licensing law specifically exempts the following employees from licensing requirements:

“A salaried employee who is not involved in solicitation or negotiation of insurance in the office of a licensed agent who devotes the employee’s full time to clerical and administrative services, including the incidental taking of information from customers and receipt of premiums in the office of a licensed agent, if the employee does not receive any commissions and the employee’s compensation is not varied by the volume of premiums taken and received.”

In IIAT’s opinion, salaried employees in the following positions (with duties typical for the job description as we understand them) do not need a license:

  • Receptionists
  • Bookkeepers
  • Mail handlers
  • Claims handlers
  • X-date telemarketers, and
  • CSRs and their assistants who take information only (no quoting).


IIAT believes that any employee who quotes premiums or discusses coverage options with customers must be licensed.


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