June 30 is National e-Sign Day

In 2010, both houses of congress passed a resolution designating June 30 as National eSign Day. The purpose was to encourage adoption of this important workflow enhancement.

Recently, the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) eSignature Work Group recently issued a request to over 40 carriers identified as not publicly accepting compliant agency eSignature solutions. While many carriers have invested in their own proprietary eSignature solution, many agents have invested in using vendor eSignature solutions; either as integrated with their agency management system or standalone.

eSignature has been proven to provide several significant benefits to parties all along the value chain including:

  • Substantial productivity increase
  • Reduction in document errors
  • Reduction in turnaround times
  • Enhanced privacy and security

ACT has accumulated considerable resources for carriers and agencies and placed them on an eSignatures Best Practices & Industry Recommendations webpage.

IIABA and IIAT has endorsed Docusign and members can save 20% on Docusign Professional. If your agency has not adopted this legal and security-sensitive technology,  you should take a closer look.

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