Learn Everything You Need to Know About Health Insurance in Texas


IIAT’s Employee Benefits Academy classes coming to Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas Starting July 18

IIAT’s Employee Benefits Academy is a new certification program that provides insurance
professionals with important details and insightful background to accurately and effectively advise clients on life and health insurance in Texas.

Get the most up-to-date information on the ever-changing world of the Affordable Care Act. Complete the course and gain valuable insight to help clients choose the right life & health products. Find out how to avoid regulatory pitfalls and prepare for the future of health insurance.

“Due to the sweeping changes that have occurred within our industry over the course of the past few years, there is a critical need for up-to-date, comprehensive training for employee benefits professionals.

IIAT’s Employee Benefits Academy was developed by a number of industry specialists who have a direct interest in ensuring information is not only current and detailed, but practical and meaningful. From understanding important stakeholders in the industry, to exploring how to maneuver the many complexities of health care reform, the program serves as a strong foundation for the new, or experienced, employee benefits professional.”

– Stefanie B. Grasty, Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits Practice Leader, Frost – Banking, Investments, Insurance

Register for Employee Benefits Academy TODAY!
You must be logged in to iiat.org to register online, or call 800.880.7428.

Part 1 – July 28 | Part 2 – July 29
Part 1 – Aug 4 | Part 2 – Aug 5
Fort Worth
Part 1 – Aug 2 | Part 2 – Aug 3
Part 1 – July 18 | Part 2 – July 19
San Antonio
Part 1 – July 21 | Part 2 – July 22
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