7 Simple SEO Improvements for Non-Techies

This article originally appeared on  Agency Nation.

SEO is one of the most valuable, but misunderstood, marketing tactics for insurance agents.

You want to get more traffic from Google, but you don’t have time to learn coding and all of the technical stuff that goes along with SEO.

Fortunately, SEO isn’t as complicated as you’ve been led to believe. Sure, there are technical improvements that can be made on the backend of your website, but there are
countless other ways to improve your SEO.

Most SEO improvements that you can make are actually simple enough for non-techies and you can start doing them immediately.

In addition to helping your agency website rank higher on Google, the following tips will improve the user-experience of your site and help you generate more leads from your content marketing.


You don’t have to be a computer nerd to make SEO work for you.


1) Publish Great Content

Obviously great content is going to help you get better results, but what exactly is great content in the eyes of Google and other search engines?

Quality content is written with your ideal clients in mind. It solves a specific problem, entertains them, and/or thoroughly explains a topic.

What content marketers traditionally called “SEO content” is no longer valuable for SEO. Google has taken great measures to ensure people are finding valuable resources on their search engine.

Great content is:

  • Well-researched and written
  • Formatted for readability and organization
  • At least 750 words, but ideally closer to 1,200+

In-depth content gets more social media shares, ranks higher in search engines, and stands the test of time. (Source)

2) Include More (Optimized) Photos

Photos are great for SEO! They provide more content for search engines to crawl, they show up in image searches, and they make your website more engaging to visitors.

While simply incorporating more photos will give your SEO a boost, to really amplify the SEO benefits you should optimize your photos.

Here are a few easy steps to optimize photos:

  • Include keywords in the image title
  • Write an alt tag and include alternative keywords
  • Add captions when applicable

Try to include a few images in every blog post and at least one on every page.

3) Internal Linking

Generating links to your website is one of the best and most dependable tactics for improving SEO. However, it takes time to build links, especially from authoritative sites.

One thing you can start doing immediately, and should be doing indefinitely, is linking to your own content from within your website. To see an extreme case of what this means, look at any Wikipedia article.

Notice how one article might link to over a hundred other Wikipedia articles throughout the content? That’s what you should be doing, except keep it limited to a handful of links and make sure they’re relevant to the subject of your post.

Internal links won’t have as much of an impact on SEO as backlinks from other websites, but they do help.

Additionally, they keep prospects engaged with more of your content longer, which helps with lead generation.

See the remaining 4 SEO Improvements for Non-Techies.

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