Announcing the Help Desk just released their new Help Desk, a collection of resources that is designed to help Advantage subscribers best-utilize their Advantage profile. An improved profile better represents your agency to consumers, and ultimately generates more referrals of the types of business that you want to write.

tcadvsubHow? The Appetite Engine compares the needs of the consumer with the capabilities of member agencies. It then presents a list of agencies ranked in order of match to buyer requirements, with those closest matches at the top of the list.

The buyer then can review each agency in detail to determine which has the best ability to help them with their specific needs.

An attractive and detailed profile convinces buyers that your agency can help, and consumers reach out to the agency that they think can solve their problem.

Learn More at

All Members Get Email Referrals from

Recently, made changes to the workflow for consumers, and now anytime a buyer reaches out to an agency, even if by phone, the agency will receive an email notifying them of the prospect’s contact information.

In the past, when a buyer called an agency, no email notification was sent to the agency. This had a couple of unintended consequences:

  1. Many agencies didn’t realize that the phone call that reached their agency had been the result of the consumer having been researching on, and
  2. Many callers that didn’t reach a live body chose not to leave a message, thereby offering the agency no opportunity to follow up.

The new workflow requires the consumer to enter their contact information prior to getting the contact information for the agency. When the agency information is shown to the consumer, an email is generated and sent to the agency with the consumer’s contact information.

This enhancement provides the agency with information about the buyer prior to the receipt of the call if the consumer chooses to call the agency, and also provides the agency with a record of the attempted contact in the event that the consumer doesn’t leave a message.

Both of these enhancements help ensure that consumers are finding the best possible agency with whom to work, and will enable agencies to write more business.

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