On-Hold Messages: A Winning Strategy for Your Agency

the-strategy-win-champion-the-championshipJust like in a game of chess, thoughtful planning can be key when it comes to promoting your agency; and making on-hold messages part of your plan can be a smart move.

You already anticipate fielding calls in your busy office on a daily basis. And most likely, you’ll be placing many of them on hold, even if it is briefly. Using that time wisely by incorporating on-hold music and messaging can be advantageous to you in more than one way. Let callers know your hours of operation and your street address. Use on-hold time to mention your services or tell about accolades your agency has achieved. Or simply remind those who call that they’re the reason you’re in business, and you’re dedicated to meeting all of their insurance needs and ensuring their satisfaction.

Commercials On Hold has been providing on hold marketing services since 1982 (since 1994 for IIAT), and we’d love to show you how we can be an asset to your IIAT agency. Our team wants to help your business prosper, so we take time to learn about your needs before we develop your custom on-hold message script. Fully licensed on-hold music is incorporated to add to the professionalism of your production. You can update your messages according to your agency’s needs, and even have them coincide with events you have planned throughout the year.

Why not make the move to on-hold music and messages for your business? Click here to request a free Commercials On Hold demo, and be sure you also check us out online at http://www.commercialsonhold.com/iiat.

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