Set 2017 Goals with Your Employees

developmentAccording to a Harvard Business Review study “Why Young Talent is On a Non-Stop Job Hunt”, dissatisfaction with some employee-development efforts appears to fuel many early exits. As the holidays approach and 2016 begins to wind down, now is the time to discuss with staff their career goals and aspirations for the near future. Consider creating a development plan for your employees complete with education and coaching sessions.

IIAT recommends following these five steps to building a development plan for your employees:

  1. Talk with your employee

Set a time to have a meeting with your employee(s) individually to discuss their career goals and learn of any education they may need to reach those desired goals. Be sure to take notes and be receptive to their thoughts, concerns and ambitions. Be prepared to provide feedback and assure them you want to help them further their career by forming a plan to help them further their career.

  1. Develop a plan

Once you’ve learned from your employee what they feel they need help on to further advance their career, develop a plan to incorporate education, situational IQ and coaching sessions to lead them in a direction to achieve their goals.

We recommend the eLearning courses offered on IIAT’s Online Employee Training portal  which include on-demand and interactive training modules on a wide range of topics.

Perhaps your underwriter could use additional communication education, our Advanced Communication and Negotiation bundle may be a great fit for them. You may have a producer who would like to broaden their knowledge and expand into other coverage areas, we also offer personal and/or commercial lines courses they can take at their own pace and on their own schedule. Perhaps you have a go-to employee you envision entering into a more senior position within your agency in the near future, our Emerging Leader’s series provides recruiting, coaching and performance management training to advance them to the next level.

  1. Set monthly coaching discussions

Each of IIAT’s eLearning bundles includes a four-month subscription, so plan to meet with your employee at the end of each month to discuss what they learned on each module and how you can apply that to their day to day work. Be sure to print or download a copy of the courses in the eLearning bundle(s) they are taking so you can ask questions about the various topics they learned and connect the dots on how they can translate the new knowledge to their current position.

  1. Apply new learnings in the job

If your employee is taking the initiative to implement the information they have learned, be sure you recognize their efforts. Everyone enjoys positive reinforcement, and if your employee knows you are noticing their improvements and efforts they’ll be more inclined to reach for higher goals in the future.

Investing in employee growth and education is an important part of your agency’s advancement –work with your employees to establish a plan like the one outlined in this article.

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