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Q. How does endorsement  CG 22 94 Exclusion – Damage To Work Performed By reginaSubcontractors On Your Behalf change my contractors policy?

A. This endorsement was introduced by ISO along with the 10-01 edition of the CGL policy and is now becoming widely used by insurers that write general contracting risks. It eliminates the subcontractor exception under Exclusion L and thus eliminates coverage for virtually any claim involving damage to a general contractor’s completed work.

Without the endorsement, a general contractor is covered for damage to completed work if the work was performed by a subcontractor or the work out of which the damage arises was performed by a subcontractor.

If you see this endorsement on a policy covering a general contractor, you owe it to the insured (and your E&O carrier) to make a special effort to disclose the existence and importance of this coverage restriction.

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1 Response to Ask Regina

  1. Gwen Crowell says:

    If the GC required insurance from all their Subcontractors (not Independent Contractors, AKA 1099 Employees) wouldn’t that give back the coverage for the completed work?


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