Introducing IIAT’s Agency Operational Improvement Review

IIAT now offers operational improvement reviews for your agency. A quality operational improvement review can help improve agency operations, identify areas that could lead to E&O claims, and achieve efficiency across the agency.

Reviews offer a number of benefits to independent insurance agencies:af5f44ff189e492a48b5168634559831

  • Agencies that are reviewed and then implement best-practice recommendations are 40% less likely to have an E&O Claim
  • Access to knowledgeable IIAT reviewers
  • Benefit of reviewers who are local to Texas and understand the Texas insurance industry
  • Increases employee engagement and creates a culture of E&O awareness
  • Allows employees to become invested in the risk management of the agency
  • Westport clients can receive a 10% discount for 5 years on their E&O premium

IIAT will work with your schedule to review all aspects of your agency including:

  • Marketing, advertising and prospecting process
  • Risk assessment, application and submission process
  • Quoting, proposal and binding process
  • Policy renewal process
  • The investment required is dependent upon staff size and number of locations, please contact us for further pricing information

Please contact Mandy Giffort @ 800.880.7428 for more information


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