The DNA of Succes: A Joe Vincent Management Seminar Preview

If you attended last year’s IIAT Annual Conference, you already know that Creative Ventures President Steve Harvill is a dynamic and compelling speaker. If you missed him then, you can catch Steve at IIAT’s Joe Vincent Management Seminar, Jan. 29-31 in Austin. Steve will host two compelling presentations, including the keynote address: The DNA of Success.

Here’s an exclusive preview of Steve’s keynote address: The DNA of Success. Don’t miss him Monday, Jan. 30 at the Joe Vincent Management Seminar

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PrintA study of the top leadership teams from seven different industries led to a simple discovery. These teams shared key behaviors that are directly connected to both their individual success and the success of their companies. They share eleven power behaviors that connect across business lines and create a menu both singularly and in combination unlocking a mechanism of success.


Perhaps the most difficult to define aspect of these leaders is simply referred to as GRIT – The perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Grit is all about determination and, surprisingly, is unrelated to talent. People with grit get through the toughest of times as a result of a deep commitment to purpose. They seem to have a combination of confidence that is enclosed in a sense of being realistic.


Leaders love BIG. They see BIG, they think BIG, and they plan BIG. But BIG brings with its own problems. BIG is scary. Strong leaders attack big with small. They create a dichotomy in their leadership style. They strategize BIG but plan small. They have the unique ability to break very big goals down to very small steps and they then confront each step with the right resources. This makes small, big and allows strong leaders to THINK OF IMMENSITIES!


Leaders “test” ideas. they test them ALL OF THE TIME. We call this the experiment mode. This is about learning where the best ideas can gain the highest and best leverage. In design thinking, we call it “prototyping” or the creation of something real at the very beginning of an idea. Leaders experiment with their goals and ideas all the time.
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