The Less Obvious Benefits of a Advantage Subscription: Carrier Voice

tcadvsub just finished 2016 with 4.2 million visitors to the website, and 101,000 referrals to members of the Big “I” nationwide. Increased traffic and referrals are the most visible benefits that accrue to Big “I” members, but there are other benefits as well. Remember, as a member of IIAT, you are also a member of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, or the Big “I.”

One of the benefits of a Advantage subscription that might not be as evident is the value your subscription brings to the Big “I”‘s leadership’s discussions with insurance companies. While it is true that all Big “I” members are represented on, carriers give special weight to Advantage subscribers.

One of the factors that carriers evaluate when deciding whether they should participate is the number of Advantage subscribers. If a carrier sees that many of their leading agencies are subscribers, it makes a decision to join the battle easier.

Conversely, if they see that many of their best agencies aren’t willing to support the effort with a modest monthly subscription amount, they grow concerned that there might be part of the story that they are missing.

Think about the frequency with which you see direct and captive agency insurance advertisements in various forms. Insurance marketing is very expensive. Carrier contributions are a significant part of the operating budget for both TrustedChoice® and

Trusted Choice’s ability to compete with these deep-pocketed insurance companies is dependent on the association’s insurance company partners helping TrustedChoice tell the story of why an independent agent is the best choice. The more carrier partners TrustedChoice gains, the better independent agents can compete.

If you haven’t subscribed to an Advantage profile yet, do it today. If you are already a subscriber, thank your Trusted Choice Partner carriers, and encourage those who aren’t partners to rethink that decision. Our best opportunity for success is for all of us to commit to countering the marketing message of “CHEAP is best.”

The carriers need to know that you are committed to the brand and to the success of the channel. Your vocal support for the Trusted Choice brand and for make it far easier for carriers to join the effort.


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