IIABA’s Big “I” Legislative Conference Coming in May

17lc_homepagesliderAfter you attend IIAT’s Big “I Legislative Day, Jan. 31 at the Joe Vincent Management Seminar, you’ll want to make plans to attend the national Big “I” Legislative Conference, May 3-5 in Washington, D.C.

No doubt, there is a sea change taking place in the nation’s capital. There are many positive and some negative implications for independent agents. The National Flood Insurance Program is under assault, while health insurance — both group and individual —  is undergoing major overhaul, with implications for both agents and virtually every consumer. Overtime rules, fiduciary rules for agents, crop insurance, insurance licensing reform (NARAB implementation), and much more are all being considered in Washington.

The Big “I” Legislative Conference gives agents an opportunity to shape the future of the industry as major decisions are being made. The Legislative Conference is a great and memorable experience for first timers, young agents, and agent veterans.

Get more details here. If you have questions about the Big “I” Legislative Conference, please contact Janis Mann at Janis.mann@iiaba.net







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