Texans for Lawsuit Reform Issue Statement on Final Senate Passage of HB 1774

Texans for Lawsuit Reform issued the following statement regarding the final Senate passage of House Bill 1774, the consumer protection bill to stop rampant weather-related lawsuit abuse:

“The Texas Senate has sent a strong message to storm-chasing lawyers who exploit our legal system for their own gain – Texas will not turn a blind eye to any type of lawsuit abuse in our state,” TLR Communications Director Lucy Nashed said. “By passing House Bill 1774, the Senate has put Texas property owners first, ensuring they are protected from all of the bad actors, whether that’s an insurer that unfairly denies and delays claims or an unscrupulous storm-chasing lawyer. We are grateful for Lt. Gov. Patrick and Sen. Hancock’s leadership on this critical issue, and look forward to seeing HB 1774 on Gov. Abbott’s desk.”

For a list of organizations endorsing HB 1774, please visit https://www.tortreform.com/reports/hailstorm-resolutions-support.

To learn more about hail-related lawsuit abuse, please visit www.tortreform.com/hail.

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