The Importance of Pre-Call Planning

A recent Texas Agent article on “seeking first to understand” stressed the importance of listening during an opening appointment. This article extends that concept to pre-call planning even before the opening appointment is secured. Good pre-call planning enables you to learn about a prospective customer’s concerns, business agenda, business pressures, and key decision-makers which can be used in networking, drip marketing, cold-calling and to set the agenda for the opening appointment.

Useful Information to consider:
(Taken from the Pre-Call Planning Primer in IIAT’s Sales Management Toolkit)

  • Organizational overview including organizational mission, vision and values as well as number of employees, geographic scope, revenues
  • Names of key decision-makers or potential influencers inside and outside the company
  • Relationships of key decision-makers to other organizations, industries, community
  • News about recent product or operational developments, key hires, acquisitions
  • Information about subsidiaries, branches, and other business relationships
  • Prospect’s target client segments
  • Prospect’s competitive value proposition in promotional material
  • Prospect’s competition or competitors
  • Vendors serving prospect
  • Company’s position within the industry
  • Industry’s growth or decline in recent years
  • Industry’s operational, political, economic, or regulatory issues

Sources of information:

  • Company materials (i.e., website, brochures, annual reports, erc.)
  • Mutual centers of influence, vendors
  • Industry resources (i.e., trade group/association websites, publications, etc.)
  • Government resources –,,,,
  • Free or inexpensive resources –  Google the company/key decision-makers,;
  • Telemarketing – use an external or internal telemarketer to gather information


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