7 Tips for Avoiding E&O Exposures

Summer storm season is upon us in Texas and your agency is probably starting to see a rise in weather-related claims. Now is a good time to revisit some E&O best practices. Here are 7 tips to help you avoid E&O exposures when handling a claim:

  1. Never confirm or deny the existence of coverage provided by the policy — that is the duty of the insurance carrier.
  2. Advise the client what to expect during the claims settlement process and any duties they are required to perform.
  3. Review policy provisions of all policies where coverage may exist, including excess and umbrella policies.
  4. Report claims to the carrier on the same day they are received.
  5. Maintain claims handling procedures in the agency internal procedures manual.
  6. Implement a suspense system to follow-up during the claims settlement process including documentation of each contact with the client and the carrier.
  7. Follow-up until claims are resolved.

For more information, view IIAT’s Best Practices for Avoiding Hurricane E&O Claims.

Do you have E&O-related questions involving claims handling (or other topics)?

If so, please contact IIAT’s Gunnar Kephart at  or (800) 880-7428. Gunnar can help you with your E&O and claims-handling questions.

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