Protect Your Agency from Cyber Threats – Access the Agents Council for Technology Cyber Guide


With every tech advancement comes cybersecurity issues. How does an agency know where to start?

The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) is here to help. ACT’s Security Issues work group recently created the Agency Cyber Guide 1.0, free to all Big “I” members.

The guide lists and explains all regulations with which agencies must comply, and directs them to resources that can help them get started. Some resources are free, like the agency cybersecurity policy template that agencies can download, brand and use. Others detail important topics like state regulations on data breach, where agents can find security education and risk assessments, and more.

This is the resource agents and brokers need to ensure they not only comply with federal regulations, but also fully protect their clients’ information—both steps that will validate the independent agent’s value proposition.

The Agency Cyber Guide 1.0 is available on the ACT website. You must enter your Big “I” username and password to download.

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