Equipping You with the Resources & Answers You Need


We are continually organizing replies and resources to answer your most pressing questions as circumstances evolve: for your clients, your business and employees.

Please bookmark IIAT’s Hurricane Harvey Resource page as a ‘favorite’ so you have easy access to this reference.  Also, please feel free to include any or all of this information on your own websites or link back to the IIAT site.

This page offers:

  • Answers on claim questions regarding FEMA, HB 1774
  • Communications you can pass along to your clients for easy reference
  • Ask Regina Q&A’s on Common Technical Questions
  • Helpful links to government bodies and resources: TDI, TWIA, FEMA
  • Directions for requesting financial assistance for you and your employees

We commit to continue:

  • Providing you with accurate, current information so that you can best help your clients.
  • Fighting the media storm on misinformation regarding claims processing.
  • Communicating and sharing information with TDI, the Governor, FEMA and others to best support our members.
  • Connecting those who are offering to help with those in need.
  • Raising money to help with relief efforts for our members and their staff.

As TrustedChoice agents, this is our time to deliver on our promise to serve our clients and communities.

If you have any other needs at all, please let us know immediately.  We stand with you.  #TexasStrong #IIATStrong

Call 800.880.7428

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