IIAT/FEMA Clarifies Misinformation Regarding NFIP Claims and FEMA Disaster Relief

IIAT has been in contact with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials to clarify incorrect information that is being spread about filing for FEMA disaster relief.

There is a rumor that you are required to file a claim on your homeowners or property policy before you can file for FEMA disaster relief. THIS IS INCORRECT.

Based on discussions between IIAT and FEMA officials, this document (will download as Word doc) will assist agents in providing correct procedures to their customers on filing for disaster relief as well as hopefully ending the rumors of such requirement.

“Mr. Christopher B. Smith, Director, Individual Assistance Division with FEMA, was very helpful in getting this advisory to us so that we could help our members provide correct information and better serve their clients,” said IIAT Government Affairs Director Lee Loftis.

The memo goes into further detail about what will be required to receive FEMA assistance. IIAT urges members to advise their customers to file for disaster relief as soon as possible. Directions for filing are available on the FEMA website here.

Another rumor that has been dispelled by NFIP is that there is a requirement to file a claim with your homeowners or property insurer prior to filing a claim with NFIP or a WYO carrier. A representative of NFIP advised IIAT that no such requirement is in place.

Please keep IIAT informed of any issues relating to the claims process so we can work to eliminate any misinformation. Contact at 512.493.2418.

Visit IIAT’s Hurricane Harvey Information Page for more resources.

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2 Responses to IIAT/FEMA Clarifies Misinformation Regarding NFIP Claims and FEMA Disaster Relief

  1. Ninfa says:

    The link for this document does not work. Is there another way to get the document?


    • Matt Smith, Communications says:

      The link should download as a Word document when you click on it depending on your browser settings. If it does not, try right-clicking the link then select “Save link as.”


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