‘Tis the Season: Hunting Accidents Will Happen

It’s hunting season, so chances are that you have insureds asking you some version of the following questions.

  • Will the liability insurance on my homeowners policy cover me if I accidentally shoot someone while hunting?
  • What about some other kind of accident on my hunting lease?
  • Do I need any special coverage on my hunting jeep and 4-wheeler?

One other thing is as certain as the questions customers ask about hunting: Someone is going to be shot by a hunter somewhere in Texas this year. According to the most recent annual report from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 24 people were injured in hunting accidents in 2016 and five of them died. Each injury or death is a tragic event for those involved – including the errant shooter – and we imagine most of these incidents resulted in legal action of one kind or another to compensate the injured and deceased persons’ families.

The good news for the shooter is that liability insurance on the homeowners policy will defend a lawsuit and pay legal damages under any circumstances except an intentional shooting. Whether you hunt for free on a family farm, pay a daily fee to a farmer or rancher for the privilege, or lease acreage for the season or year-round, your farside-deerhomeowners policy provides liability coverage for hunting activities.

Refer to the InfoCentral Client Communications article, Hunting Accidents Will Happen, for more information on coverage issues involving:

  • Accidental shootings,
  • Hunting leases,
  • Employees on hunting leases,
  • Vehicles used on hunting leases, and
  • Membership in hunting clubs.

The article closes with a suggestion for the client to review liability limits and consider purchasing an umbrella policy. You can also find more information on Hunting Exposures in the Coverage Issues section of InfoCentral.

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