Using Images to Build Shared Connection Among Your Agency Team

A line of African Elephants walking through Amboseli in Kenya

For the past couple of years, we at IIAT have used image exercises to build culture and reinforce shared vision, purpose and values. The use of images helps people connect with ideas and each other on an emotional level. When members of a team connect emotionally, trust and collaboration are enhanced.

A recent article published in the Harvard Business Review explores the concept of using photos to build a sense of connection on a team. The author, Tammie Plouffe, a professional organizational development consultant and executive coach, advocates using photo images to establish themes and reinforce a shared understanding of purpose within a team.

According to Ms. Plouffe, images stay with people longer, have a physiological impact and promote inquiry over advocacy. The article offers steps on how photos can be used to build a sense of connection.

Read more.

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