Is Terrorism Risk Insurance Coverage Necessary?

Domestic and international terrorist attacks have increased with alarming frequency. Concern over terrorism risk is clear and definite, but information and understanding of terrorism risk insurance is not as well known. Not-for-profit organization RIMS tackles this subject in its latest report, Terrorism Insurance: Understanding the Boundaries of Coverage for a Risk Without Borders.

The report provides corporate risk managers, insurance brokers and coverage counsel with guidance on determining whether terrorism risk insurance coverage is necessary, identifying terrorism risk solutions that exist in the market and insights on negotiating for terrorism coverage.

“With terrorism risk being an unfortunate reality, corporate risk managers and counsel can take proactive measures to contain a risk that otherwise knows no bounds,” said the author of the report, Micah Skidmore of Haynes and Boone LLP.

Terrorism Insurance: Understanding the Boundaries of Coverage for a Risk Without Borders report is available to RIMS Members only for the first 60-days. After the introductory period, it will become available to the broader risk management community. To download the report, visit RIMS Risk Knowledge library at

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Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Prevention

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