Experts Suggest Reviewing Website Language with E&O in Mind

devices insurance and rates comparatorYou’ve got a super website with all the right marketing phrases, but is the language E&O safe? Experts say it may be worth looking at again, this time with E&O in mind.

A website is not just a marketing tool. Unfortunately, thinking of it only in marketing terms can leave you exposed. Even safe wording and reasonable descriptions of your business model can be used against you in a court of law or mediation if the picture you paint on your site does not match the reality of your operation.

A recent article in IA Magazine reviews common phrases and suggests rewording that helps limit E&O exposure. Also offered are best practices language recommendations that are easy to incorporate into an existing site or new one.

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Call IIAT’s Gunnar Kephart at 800-880-7428 to learn how IIAT Advantage E&O can help protect your business against E&O claims.

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About Eric Miller

Eric Miller works in Marketing and Communications at LevelFirst, IIAT's MGA and Brokerage Unit and with IIAT Advantage.
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