Kyle Dean of Dean & Draper Shares his Agency Perpetuation Story

IIAT member Kyle Dean, president & CEO of Dean & Draper Insurance Agency in Houston, is one of three agents featured in a recent Independent Agent magazine article on agency perpetuation. Following his father’s unexpected passing in July 2013, Kyle took over as president & CEO of Dean & Draper. A family business since its inception in 1980, deanDean & Draper has grown to become an insurance powerhouse.

“The transition tasked me with managing and advancing the company to remain competitive. Preparing for perpetuation is always difficult, but managing people, money and leadership in the wake of such a monumental change is even more challenging for any new leader to handle,” said Kyle.

At age 37, Kyle is one of the youngest CEOs at an agency the size of Dean & Draper. “The perpetuation process hasn’t always been easy, but my father’s foresight—paired with careful consideration on my part, and support from my leadership team—helped guide the agency into its next generation of leadership, said Kyle.

Read “In Our Own Words: 3 Real-Life Perpetuation Stories” to learn more about Kyle’s and Dean & Draper’s perpetuation story.

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1 Response to Kyle Dean of Dean & Draper Shares his Agency Perpetuation Story

  1. Stacey Campo says:

    To this day Bob remains one of my favorite people. I know he’s so proud of how you have carried on his legacy, Kyle!

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