Protecting Business Data During Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of a serious disaster, businesses face the risk of downtime due to damaged equipment and lost company and client data. The most important thing that every company needs is a frequently updated copy of its data that resides far away from its headquarters, either in the cloud or in another region of the country. It’s surprisingly affordable to accomplish this. If your office floods and your server drowns, your data had better be somewhere safe and dry. Businesses also need a plan for recovering downed systems and files as quickly as possible.

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Disaster Recovery Services for Insurance. Protect your promise. Be there for your clients.

Disaster has no schedule. Nothing tests an insurance agent’s ability to meet a client’s needs like an unforeseen disaster, occurring without warning and creating unpredictable damage. Insurance agencies have an obligation to their clients to be available when disaster strikes. For more than 21 years, IIAT-endorsed business partner Agility has ensured that insurance agents are there for their clients.

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