Every Contractor Needs Contractors Professional and Pollution Liability Coverage

inspector on the construction site with his laptopMost contractor risks end up with potentially expensive coverage gaps. That’s because Coverage Part A of the commercial general liability policy is limited in scope, extending coverage to claims arising from only bodily injury and/or property damage. Couple this limited scope with the CGL form’s absolute pollution exclusion (“f.”) and you will begin to want for a solution. Contractors professional and pollution liability is key to covering these gaps. Often referred to as contractors pollution and professional insurance, contractors protective professional indemnity coverage, or simply “CPPI,” this multiperil form specifically addresses and closes the majority of pollution and professional liability coverage gaps arising from the limited protection under the CGL’s Coverage Part A.

A recent article in Independent Agent magazine provides an in-depth analysis of these coverage gaps and explores solutions designed for general contractors, construction managers, design-build firms, heavy and highway contractors, specialty, trade and artisan, contractors, environmental contractors and others.

Read the full article.

Chris Barnes, Senior Vice President at IIAT-Owned Wholesale Broker and MGA, LevelFirst is available to discuss CPPI and other contractor coverages. Call 800-366-4428 or visit www.LevelFirst.com

About Eric Miller

Eric Miller works in Marketing and Communications at LevelFirst, IIAT's MGA and Brokerage Unit and with IIAT Advantage.
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