Original Content Rules on Social Media

Red Create Keypad on Keyboard. 3D Illustration.Social media can increase sales. It can also aid in positioning a personal brand or company brand. Many of us who see the value in social media spend a great deal of time browsing the internet looking for content to share that will help with that positioning. Experts say that time would be better spent creating original content.

A recent article in DMNews.com confirms creating and sharing original photos, articles, videos, quizzes and the like will help social media users maintain a consistency of quality directly tailored to audiences. And most beneficially, original content keeps efforts centered on promoting products, services, and brands.

But there’s a cautionary tale here as well. Original content doesn’t always have to mean strict brand promotion. No one likes someone who talks only about themselves. When creating content, consider how your audience will benefit from what you’re promoting and what else may interest them.

Read more at DMnews.com

About Eric Miller

Eric Miller works in Marketing and Communications at LevelFirst, IIAT's MGA and Brokerage Unit and with IIAT Advantage.
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