Point/Counterpoint: Is Texting a Viable Form of Client Communication?

In a recent Independent Agent magazine article, two independent agents debated the merits of using text messaging to communicate with clients.

Ashley Fitzsimmons, an insurance specialist at Fitzsimmons Insurance Agency, Inc. in Forest City, Penn., argues that texting is a valuable form of client communication. She writes, “To be successful as agents, we must adapt to our clients. The insurance industry changes as fast as today’s fashion trends.”

She also points out that, while texting is convenient, it’s not for every client, and you need to cover all your bases. Read more.

Joe Schroeder, a president/principal at Miller Insurance Agency in Grand Rapids, Ohio argues that texting as a form of binding communication isn’t valuable, “yet.”

“Obviously, any business must be able to adapt to stay relevant in the changing world of insurance. We want to be as accessible and convenient as a direct writer with 24-hour claims service,” writes Schroeder. “But until we’ve had the opportunity to test and deliver a solid procedure for communicating with clients in this way, texting will remain off the table. I’m not willing to risk potential errors & omissions issues until I can be sure we have a solid procedure in place.” Read more.

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