Common Behaviors of a Successful Commercial Insurance Producer

The following post was written by guest author Jerry Lujan, a former independent insurance agent and founder of Elevation 180. If you like what you read, be sure to see Jerry at the Joe Vincent Management Seminar for his session “Sales Cultures the Drive Growth and Agency Valuation.”

The past several days, I have been on the phone with numerous commercial insurance producers. — high volume, mid-volume, and several that are just past being what I call a “newbie” or a “starter” producers.

I love talking to successful producers.  I especially like the ones who are driving their business and hungry to discover and take action on what it will take to make a life-changing difference in their book of business and personal income.   Their enthusiasm is infectious and causes me to want to help even more with coaching, tips, and strategies to win.

Honestly, I simply like to be around people who have a desire to Win On Purpose.

But the interesting thing that I am reminded every time I do back-to-back coaching calls is this:  Successful commercial insurance producers have common traits and behaviors that are consistent and disciplined, regardless of the size of their business. People who are blowing away their competition and their last year’s numbers all do the same things.

What are they?

  1. Know Your Book of Business Top to Bottom.  I make it a point to know how many accounts, average size of my top five accounts, and the average revenue of the top ten.  That way, I know what type of account I should be looking for.
  2. Know How Much Time You Spend.  Commercial insurance producers who are expanding quickly are dialed in on how much time they spend on key accounts, small accounts, and important accounts (more on that soon…)
  3. Know Your Team’s Capacity.  As your book of business grows, your team and their capacity is a critical key to scale your growth.  If you are the sole contact for your clients, you are no doubt tapped out, frustrated, and out of time for more growth.  (I can help you fix this.)
  4. Know Your Capacity.  There is an old saying credited to Abraham Lincoln that says, “… if given eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 6 hours sharpening my axe.”  Winners know what to drive most in order to get where they want to go.
  5. Know Where You Want to Go.  Two weeks ago, I wrote about the power of planning.  Statistically, it has been proven.  Things that get measured always show improvement.  Things that are not measured, do not improve.

If you are frustrated or out of time and not getting the results you want as a commercial insurance producer, I invite you to take a look at the Four Keys for Exponential Growth that I developed out of my 30-year career.  I’ve been there and know what it takes. I would love to talk to you about how to get where you want to be.

About Jerry Lujan

lujanJerry Lujan is the author of “Win on Purpose: Finding A Better Way and Sharing It!” A veteran of the insurance industry for over 30 years, Jerry’s experience covers a wide spectrum of positions, from CSR to sales producer, and eventually owner of one of the largest independently owned insurance agencies in the southwest.

As the founder of Elevation180 Jerry is obsessively dedicated to finding and sharing better ways for Agencies and Producers to achieve Peak Performance.

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