Ask Regina

reginaQ. We want to start sending out policies electronically, is there anything that we need to do in regard to prior notification to our insureds?

A.  Yes. Please refer the following excerpt from the Texas Insurance Code.  To obtain consent you can use the ACORD 68.    


(c) A written communication may be delivered by electronic means to a party by a regulated entity under this section if:

(1) the party affirmatively consented to delivery by electronic means and has not withdrawn the consent;

(2) the party, before giving consent, is provided with a clear and conspicuous statement informing the party of:

(A) any right or option the party may have for the written communication to be provided or made available in paper or another nonelectronic form;

(B) the right of the party to withdraw consent under this section and any conditions or consequences imposed if consent is withdrawn;

(C) whether the party’s consent applies:

(i) only to a specific transaction for which the written communication must be given; or

(ii) to identified categories of written communications that may be delivered by electronic means during the course of the relationship between the party and the regulated entity;

(D) the means, after consent is given, by which a party may obtain a paper copy of a written communication delivered by electronic means; and

(E) the procedure a party must follow to:

(i) withdraw consent under this section; and

(ii) update information needed for the regulated entity to contact the party electronically;

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