TDI Provisional License

TDI’s provisional license can be obtained for General Lines P&C, General Lines Life & Health, Life Insurance not exceeding $25,000, Funeral Prearrangement Life and County Mutual. 

A provisional permit is available once the applicant passes the exam (if required), submits their fingerprints and pays an additional $50 ($100 total). The process for a provisional permit will be faster providing there are no deficiencies in the application such as errors, problems with the criminal background check, etc. These applications will be processed within 8-10 days. The applicant will receive an e-mail from TDI with information on how to print off the license.

Current processing times for the traditional approach can be more than 30 days.  Current license processing dates can also be viewed on the TDI website.

If applying for a provisional permit, the application from the TDI website must be used. The applications in the Pearson Vue Candidate Handbook and on the Pearson Vue website do not have the information on the provisional permit. 

When applying for a provisional permit, Part VII – Provisional Permit Appointment in the application must be completed or processing will be delayed.

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