2018 Primary Election Update

While the dust settles on many of the hotly contested races in Texas, it will be awhile before we have a clear picture of the political landscape in the state and the U.S. Senate and Congress. The primary elections on Tuesday night resulted in seven incumbent Texas office holders losing their seats and another eight House races to be decided by a May 22nd runoff.

For those who like to look at the numbers, the Republican turnout was 1.54 million or 10.1% of registered voters, and the Democratic turnout was 1.036 million or 6.79% of registered voters. Gov. Greg Abbott will face the winner of the Lupe Valdez and Andrew White runoff and Lt. Gov Dan Patrick will face Democrat nominee Mike Collier in the general election this fall.

Races of interest include hotly contested SD 8 where Angela Paxton defeated Phillip Huffines and SD 30 where Pat Fallon defeated long-time Senator Craig Estes. With thirteen open seats going into the primary, it was clear that there was going to be another large freshman class in 2019. Depending on the outcome of the runoffs, there will likely be over twenty new members in the state House and Senate.

Prior to the primary, IMPACT had supported candidates in 122 out of 176 races with a 97% success rate. We understand the importance of spending your money wisely and your continued support of IMPACT, our Political Action Committee, will allow us to continue to protect your livelihood in Austin.

You can view complete election results here. If you have questions, please contact Lee Loftis, IIAT Governmental Affairs Director, at 512.493.2418.


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