TDI Licensing Update

IIAT recently met with TDI to discuss a number of topics including the licensing process. The good news is that the Department has recovered from the flood of applications and backlog resulting from Hurricane Harvey.

TDI has stabilized processing times to about 15 days for all filings unless deficiencies or background issues exist. You can check-out current processing times (posted every Tuesday and Thursday) at for the latest updates!

TDI has recently launched its brand new website with better navigation and features that will assist you with your application and license.  Here are some basic tips that can help your application move through faster:

  • It is faster and more efficient to use the electronic process over paper.
  • Deficiencies found on paper applications have a longer processing time.
  • If fingerprints are required, please be sure to include the receipt with the application.
  • Answer all screening questions and make sure your legal name and SSN are accurate.
  • Provide all four addresses – business, mailing, residential, and an email address.
  • See TDI’s new website at for easy to find info about your license.

The Texas Department of insurance considers over 120,000 new application filings annually and even a small mistake can require a follow-up by TDI staff or unnecessary delays that add time to processing any application.

For more information please visit the IIAT Licensing Toolkit.

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