Spring Training Made Easy

Spring Training Made Easy!As you plan to hire new talent, start your spring training with a proven curriculum set-up. IIAT offers new hire training for both Commercial Insurance and Personal Insurance team members.  Structured online curriculums are easy, affordable and track results!

Here are some best practices:

  1. Start with the basics:  Both the Commercial Lines and Personal Lines curriculums, include a 7-course Introduction to the Industry overview bundle. For an individual new to the insurance industry, the Intro bundle provides a great starter to understanding how it all works. Assign two courses per-day for Week One. Give the new hire an assignment at the end of the first week to ask 3-5 questions about the industry or how the business works.
  2. Line by Line: Both the Commercial Lines and the Personal Lines insurance curriculums are organized by line of business – Property, Liability, Auto, etc.  The courses can be re-taken as often as the individual wants to revisit the content. As an example, assign the courses from one line of business per week and suggest notes are taken as they complete the modules. Plan at least 2-3 one-hour meetings around each coverage line.  Ask them to provide feedback for some of the concepts they learned and be sure to ask questions.
  3. Take the Coverage Challenge: Once the new hire has completed the Coverage Basics curriculum, suggest the Coverage Challenge be completed. The Challenge randomly picks 25 questions from a 100-question base to review the knowledge they have acquired. A true challenge would be to take it together!

Having a structured onboarding training sequence will enable your new hire to start off strong and connected to you as their leader. Create accountability from day one and empower your team to learn more!

Learn more about IIAT’s online New Hire Training.

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