“Spaced” Learning for Your New Hires!


What are your training plans for new hires this year?

To create immediate impact and employee engagement, be sure to have your training program ready for launch from day one.  IIAT has an immediate solution for you to begin the onboarding process with your new hires.

Check out IIAT’s New Hire online training programs. The course bundles can be mapped into an overall training plan with hours of learning for the new hire.

Integrate the structured online courses with responsibilities such as product review, agency management processes, client calls/visits, creating quotes and running reports to learn the business.

Here’s a tip – space the learning!  Varied and intermittent approaches reinforce concepts and increase the chance of content retention.

According to Dartmouth College published research:

  • The timing or arrangement of review/practice affects learning.
  • Practice is more effective when spaced out over time, instead of massed or grouped together (equating total practice time).
  • Spaced practice enhances memory, problem-solving, and transfer of learning to new contexts.
  • Spaced practice offers great potential for improving students’ educational outcomes.

Advice – space out the online learning over time, at least two months.  The new learner will need a resource or internal coach for questions and stories of the concepts in action.  Avoid crunching 40 hours of learning into the first week.

Congratulations on growing your team – Good luck!

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