Texas Extends Use of Negotiated Experience Modifiers: What Your Impacted Clients Should Know

TDI has approved a petition filed by IIAT to extend the use of negotiated experience modifiers in the NCCI Experience Rating Plan Manual to July 1, 2019. Without a change, the use of negotiated experience modifiers in Rule 4-C-4 would have expired July 1, 2018. View the TDI Order.

What You Need to Know

  • The ability to negotiate mods has been extended one year to 7/1/19
  • Many Risk Managers use 1.00 e-mod as an absolute access to work
  • E-mod should be one part of an overall “safety rating” not the exclusive barometer

Encourage Your Clients to Contact their Trade Associations Now!
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  • Primary industries affected include: Petrochemical, Construction and Oil and Gas.
  • Ask clients in these industries to push back against the use of e-mod as sole criteria to work.
  • Let all of your clients with a negotiated WC e-mod know that they alone can get the needed changes made.

For more information contact IIAT Governmental Affairs Director Lee Loftis at 512.493.2418.

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