IIAT Trusted Choice Foundation Donates to Rebuild Texas

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On Jul 17, IIAT Chairman-Elect Mark Ray, of Corpus Christi, and former IIAT board member Travis McDavid, of Rockport, traveled to Port Aransas to deliver the final donation from the IIAT Trusted Choice Foundation’s Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund.

Since September 2017, the IIAT Trusted Choice Foundation has given more than $50,000 to help rebuild communities devastated by last year’s storm. All of the money was contributed by IIAT members after Hurricane Harvey. Mark and Travis presented the final check to the Rebuild Texas Fund at a luncheon attended by more than 20 representatives of organizations that have received support from Rebuild Texas in the Port Aransas area.

The Rebuild Texas Fund serves all communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey to restore key community infrastructure, rebuild homes and assist displaced families, and restore education services and facilities. Rebuild Texas will continue to fund projects and organizations through 2018 and into 2019.

The IIAT Trusted Choice Foundation is a not-for-profit subsidiary of IIAT and is supported by donations from IIAT members. To contribute to the IIAT Trusted Choice Foundation, click here.

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