New agent licensing rules take effect October 1

The Texas Department of Insurance has updated some of its agent and adjuster licensing rules to bring them more in line with Texas law and best industry practices.

Pass the exam before applying: If the license type requires a qualifying exam, the candidate must have passed the exam in the 12 months before applying for the license. The application will not be processed if there’s no record of having passed the exam.

Fee for company appointments: There is a $10 fee for each company appointment. There will no longer be an option for one free appointment on the paper license application FIN506. However, because an appointment is required to get a temporary license or provisional permit, there is no charge for an appointment for those two license types.

Temporary to full license: Holders of a temporary license can get a full license if they pass the exam while the temporary license is active. A temporary license period is 90 days, or 180 days with an extension. If the temporary license is no longer active when the exam is passed, a new application must be submitted for the full license.

No application fee for military personnel: A military service member, veteran, or family member with a license in another state doesn’t have to pay an application fee for a similar Texas license. Candidates should include their military identification along a request for a fee waiver when they apply. This waiver only applies to new applications, not license renewals.

Questions? Fill out TDI’s online form.

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