BCH Profiled in Independent Agent Magazine


IIAT member agency Brady, Chapman, Holland & Assocs. is featured in the latest issue of Independent Agent magazine. IIAT Chair Jeff Brady, president and CEO of BCH, spoke about the importance of benchmarking to gain valuable insights into how to improve agency performance.

“Best Practices gave us the start of operationally trying to measure whether we were attaining what we hoped to attain through comparison,” Brady says. “That has spun off into us doing a bunch of things on our own. So we have not only external benchmarks through Best Practices, but we also have enough history that we can compare against our previous results.”

BCH is meticulous about measuring everything from quantifying the efficiency created by technology to revenue per employee to liquidity. The results are shared with employees at a town hall meeting each month. “We talk about where we are, averages, comparing ourselves against the industry—and comparing ourselves against ourselves.”

Read the article.

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