Announcing IIAT’s 2019 Compensation Benchmarking Survey – Your Input Needed!


One of the most common requests IIAT gets from members is information about compensation benchmarking. The job market is competitive, and compensation is an important factor for recruiting and retaining the best talent – We don’t have to tell you that.

IIAT is partnering with IntellAgents to leverage agency data and design tailored products that empower IIAT members to make fact-based decisions to grow their business. Conducting a Compensation Benchmarking Survey is the first step to creating a comprehensive report on relevant insights and strategic recommendations for independent agencies.

As we complete the study this next year, you will be able to gain insights on the following metrics for your agency:

  • Operational Product Mix
  • Employee Age Distribution
  • Generational Health Mix
  • Employee Compensation Comparison
  • Top 5 Carrier Impact
  • Organic Growth Drivers

We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

We appreciate you taking the time necessary to complete the Compensation Benchmarking Survey by clicking the link below.


We hope that you will participate in the compensation study –
We need at least 400 agencies to participate for the results to be meaningful
The information you provide is completely confidential and the results will be reported in aggregate to maintain anonymity. The survey results will be presented at the Joe Vincent Management Seminar (Jan. 27-29, in Austin) and participants will receive a customized report summarizing the survey results.
For questions, please contact Marit Peters at 512.493.2422
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