Joe Vincent Preview: Making 2019 Ridiculously Amazing

If you are attending the Joe Vincent Management Seminar, Jan. 27-29,  you are clearly committed to making 2019 your agency’s best year ever! The insurance industry is changing, and educating yourself on the best practices has to be a top priority to stay competitive. As a speaker at the event, I am pleased to help support your agency executing your vision for 2019.

My first session will review The 10 Objectives That Every Successful Agency Must Practice. If you are looking to run a business rather than just be an agent this is a great session to attend. We will review how agencies are embracing things like culture, recruiting, technology and processes that drive the highest results. Every participant will learn 2-3 strategies that you can take home and start working on in your agency. Here is a list of the topics we will be covering:

  1. Routine work and development of agency culture
  2. Development of a forever recruiting strategy
  3. Consistent agency meetings on site and off site
  4. Identification of agency leadership with all team members
  5. Detailed performance feedback
  6. Goal setting with incentive plans and clear goal tracking
  7. Relentless pursuit of maximizing agency technology
  8. Constant training and development of people
  9. Investments in marketing and branding
  10. Clear identification of agency target markets

For many agents marketing is a bit of a foreign entity. It can seem like you’re spending money but not sure if you’re getting an ROI, or maybe your agency has always done well with referrals, but growth has slowed down and you’re looking for a boost. In our Smarketing (Sales Based Marketing) session we will break down how to market your agency, all while obtaining an instant ROI. We will review how to prospect, market to contacts in your sales cycle and turn every sale into your next opportunity! This course covers:

  • Agency Branding
  • Niche Marketing
  • Sales Process
  • Targeting Lost Customers and Unsold Quotes (that you want to win back!)
  • Marketing to Your Current Customers
  • Using Claims as an Opportunity

During this session we will share exact strategies that you can take back to your agency. Why recreate the wheel when we know what top agencies are doing in these areas to boost growth!

The key to any successful conference is the opportunity to not only learn something new, but to also take it home and make it work for you. During the seminar make sure to connect with other agency owners to learn how they implemented processes, procedures and technology to boost their agency’s performance.

I promise attending my sessions will be worth your time. Attendees will be emailed copies of the materials and bonus material that will help you execute the plan. In addition, my sessions are filled with interaction and giveaways. I hope I see you there!

About the Author

Kelly Donahue-Piro is the founder and president of Agency Performance Partners. She iskelly-donahue-tmb-small a no-nonsense effectiveness expert who has helped hundreds of insurance agencies identify and capitalize on sustainable improvement opportunities. Over the past several years, Kelly has worked with small businesses across the country to build and implement successful programs to boost revenues, profits and efficiency. In 2014, she created Agency Performance Partners with a mission to “partner with insurance entrepreneurs who dream to take their business to the next level – and beyond – by relentlessly pursuing excellence in world-class service and sales strategies.”
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