Trusted Choice® Opens 2019 Marketing Reimbursement Program

Trusted Choice® continues to ease the financial burden for independent insurancemrp_2019-300x250 agents by providing marketing tools and offsetting the costs through the Marketing Reimbursement Program (MRP).

New members and first-time MRP users can receive up to $1,250 by co-branding their advertising and marketing efforts using the Trusted Choice logo and branding materials.

The 2019 MRP follows a two-tier structure:

  • Tier 1: Members can receive up to $750 for using the Trusted Choice logo on any consumer-focused items, including but not limited to Freedom Campaign ad materials, promotional items, original advertising (non-Freedom Campaign ads), and collateral items like business cards or stationery. Available for new and first-time MRP users only.
  • Tier 2: Members can receive up to $500 for a digital upgrade using Trusted Choice partner or, until the templates are ready, any other web developer or vendor, including updates to an agency website, social media or mobile app. The digital upgrade must include the Trusted Choice logo.

For information about the MRP application or guidelines, email Jo Buckley, Trusted Choice member advocate.

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