Big ‘I’ Diversity Council Releases White Paper

The Big “I” Diversity Council is pleased to release “Workforce Diversity in the Independent Agency System: 3 Steps to Change,” a white paper based on findings from the 2018 Future One Agency Universe Study.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

Motivating change has proven difficult, and it won’t occur overnight. There has been some progress, albeit slow. Our challenge is complicated by the fact that we are competing for the same talent pool as many other business segments. As the National Federation of Independent Business reported in October 2018, there are more U.S. job openings than there are qualified candidates: 38% of small businesses reported job openings they could not fill, and 88% of those trying to hire could find no or few qualified applicants. Small business owners reported the difficulty of finding qualified workers as their leading problem.

Many agencies continue to struggle to convince an already limited talent pool that insurance is a promising career option. In fact, the 2018 Future One Agency University Study revealed that the No. 1 challenge identified by respondents was “finding and screening job candidates with strong potential,” with 44% of agencies saying this is an issue for them.

Can pushing for diversity work? We believe so. After all, as a simplistic explanation, people tend to want to work with and buy from individuals they feel understand their lifestyle and realities. It’s simply human nature.​

Founded in 2002, the Big “I” Diversity Council brings together leading insurance carriers and underrepresented agents to help drive a more sustainable and diverse independent agency network by partnering with our state associations and various multicultural industry groups.

Interested in connecting with the Big “I” Diversity Council or learning more about current initiatives? Visit Big “I” Diversity online or reach out to Whitnee Dillard, Big “I” programs director.

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