RLI Personal Umbrella Rate Change Approved in Most States

Effective April 1 for new business and June 1 for renewal business, RLI has received approval for a modest rate increase in most states, including Texas.

RLI will also introduce additional rating changes at this time, including:

  • A 5% increase on excess uninsured and underinsured rates, including states rated on a per driver basis. For example, a household paying $150 per driver will now pay $158 per driver.
  • An increase in the incident surcharge for drivers under 22 years old and over 80 years old from $100 per incident to $200 per incident. In addition, Question 14 on the new business application will be split into 14a and 14b in RLI’s portal but will remain as a combined question on the paper application.
  • For new business, removal of the $100 surcharge for households with a driver who has been licensed less than one year, has a permit or has an international license (Question 13). A response greater than zero will still place the risk in the personal umbrella policy special tier and restrict coverage to $1 million.
  • A surcharge increase for households with a youthful or inexperienced operator, as well as drivers over 80 years old, in New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

The updated rates will be available when quoting within the RLI portal or the online Quick Quoter, and will be in compliance with state-approved filings.​

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